Monthly Tuition

30 Minute Class : $25    
45 Minute Class:  $35
60 Minute Class:  $40  
75 Minute Class:  $45
90 Minute Class:  $49      
2hr Imagination Station:  $54
10% Discount For Multiple Classes
(Tuition is the same cost each month.  While some months may have more classes, and some have less, it averages out to 4 classes a month for the year and it is easier just to keep the payment the same each month)

There is an annual registration fee of $30 per family at the start of fall classes.

There will be 2 shows during the year, one at Christmas and one in the spring.  There will be $25 show fee per family for each performance to help pay for  venue, photography, videography, etc.  
Students will rent their Christmas show costumes for $30 each.  Students will buy and keep their spring costumes for $50-75 each.

Payment Options

There are multiple methods to pay:

1.  Venmo - Send payment to @Scott-Trageser

2.  Paypal - Send payments to

3.  Pay by credit card or bank account on your Parent Portal.  You can set up automatic payments there as well. Click here to Access

4.  Write a check to "Mtn Green Dance Company" and either bring it to class or mail it to 6237 Willow Creek Rd, Mtn Green UT 84050.

5.  Pay by credit card at the studio by using our square reader.

6.  If you have the google wallet app, you can send a payment to

7. Pay by credit card below.