Here's What People Are Saying

"Several years ago, while living in Italy, my then 16 yr old and 7 & 8 yr old daughters had the incredible privilege of being students of Sara. It was without a doubt one of the thee very best experiences my girls have ever had. In that short time (we only lived in Italy for 3 years) she has touched them for the rest of their lives....and not just by what she taught them...but how she taught them. She is an incredible influence who invests deeply. I am so excited to be able to soon give the gift of being a student of Sara's to my youngest daughter." -Sarah Montgomery

"Sara Trageser is an amazing dance teacher. I take tap dancing from her and I absolutely love it. She is such a nice person and really knows a lot about dance. She's really good with children as well. Three things that make me want to keep taking from her are: her patience with me as we go over the steps again and again until I learn them, her excitement in everything she teaches, and how fun she makes her classes. She truly knows what she's doing and is great about passing that knowledge on to others. Love Miss Sara!" -Addie Sadorus

"Sara is such a wonderful teacher! I've taken tap from her for over a year and loved every minute of it! Sara always brings energy and enthusiasm to every class. She is a pleasure to be around, and is dedicated to helping her students improve. She is great at giving that extra bit of personal attention, so each student can feel confident that they've learned the tap moves correctly. I can't wait to start taking lessons from Sara again!"        -Annie Dixon

"My daughters had the joy of having Miss Sara as their dance instructor for more than a year. She is amazing!! Always smiling, singing, and dancing...just like a real life Disney princess! My girls LOVE her and so do I. Not only is she an exceptionally talented dancer, but she is also a dedicated, nurturing and loving instructor who guides children with encouragement, love and support! I wish we lived closer to the new school, they would be enrolled without hesitation!" -Tami Canal

"I took an adult tap class from Sara and loved how she always made me feel like I could do new steps, even when I was struggling with them. She was always positive and fun to be around.I watched her work with the younger dancers as well and I was always impressed with her kind and caring management of the little ones.She is talented in organization, leading a recital etc." -Sarah Sidwell

"I have known Sara for years... she has been my dance teacher, choreographer and we have danced together many times. There are so many wonderful things I could say about her! Sara was always so encouraging and supportive as a teacher. I love being around her and her contagious positivity! I would highly recommend her to anyone."
-Emily Jameson

"Dancing with Sara has been one of the highlights of my adult life. Each class is an absolute pleasure. I've never doubted that the other students and I are in capable and caring hands. Not only do I leave each class feeling more confident in my dancing ability, I leave feeling more confident in myself. If I had to pick a word to describe Sara as a teacher, it would be passionate: passionate about dance, about her students, and about life. I'm so glad to have found Miss Sara!"  -Kelsey Richardson

"My daughter adores teacher Sara! She always looks forward to dance lessons. Teacher Sara is so sweet and fun loving with all the kids and genuinely cares about them. Such a great experience!" -Allison Jensen

"Sara headed up our ballet program at California Dance Company. Sara was a professional, loving teacher whom her students adored! Not only was she a fantastic dancer but an incredible artist. I would definitely bring my child to Sara's studio because I know they will receive excellent training in a loving environment."    
- Sonya Kennedy Owner, California Dance Company

A Letter From The Artistic Assistant Director - Amaluna Cirque du Soleil

It is my pleasure to write to you in celebration of your new studio opening and I could not put in to words how fortunate the people of Utah will be to have you in their city. I have confidence that you are opening up what is sure to be the newest place for students, to fall in love with the art of dance and for adults to either continue their journey or create a new love of fitness and performing arts.

I would like to share with the community that I have known Sara for twenty years as we began our early careers dancing together in musicals in Northern California. Over the years I have had the opportunity to develop an amazing working relationship that easily over time turned in to a great friendship. Any projects I took on during my time in California, Sara would be one of the first artists I would call to hire. Not only as a performer but also a teacher, Sara has the patience of a saint and the skill to teach the novice and the more seasoned artists.

I know that any person to set foot in to your studio Sara will be welcomed with open arms and leave feeling they are experiencing the finest training. I look forward to hearing about the amazing experiences to come for you and the community.

Sincerely, James Santos                                                                             
Artistic Assistant Director-Amaluna Cirque du Soleil